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The Artist

An unexpected journey?

 Yes, for the artist himself and mostly people around him. But for his family it may not come as a surprise that he finally picked up the brushes again after not painting since childhood. For several years he had searched  for a way of expression but did not find it natural in anything in the same way as in painting.

 Talent is scarce, His paintings are the result of hard work and failed techniques to now be able to create more and more the magic that was originally intended. Preferably on larger canvas where the studio's roof sets the  limit on how large the works can be. 




 Zeon paints mainly to satisfy his desires but thinks it is great fun and important that he has become an inspiration to others. This has led him to make sacrifices that he had never dared to make a few years ago.  Examples of this are reports in newspapers, meetings with school classes and a more personal commitment on social media.


 When you choose to order a work from ZM, you are not just buying a painting. It's years of hard work compressed on a canvas and we guarantee it's an investment!


 When you order original art from Zeon Milo art, you can be sure that your painting is always shipped safely and 100% insured.
  We offer free shipping in EU as we do not think that the distance should prevent you from getting your favorite painting.